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Migration to fabric SSIDs



We are deploying an SDA solution where we will add an existing Cat9800 to the network.  We will learn the config from the existing controller and initially the SSIDs will be OTT as curently used.

Once we have the full SDA topology deployed we will then look to change some of the SSIDs to fabric mode.  Can we do this with the existing SSIDs and if so how do we do it?  Alternatively could we create new SSIDs withthe same name but in fabric mode.  Then turn off the OTT SSID and enable the fabric one one evening and clients the next morning come in and the change is transparent to them.

In addition we have some SSIDs that are currently handed off to firewall interfaces to be sent straight out to the internet.  In the future, rather than tunnelling their traffic to the WLC, dropping it on a vlan and attaching that to a firewall interface we would like to drop that traffic at the switch and carry it through the fabric at L2 to be handed off to the firewall.  Can we do that by creating an L2VN and handing it off on a L2 Border to a firewall.

Thanks for any input, Kev


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