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Mobility Services Engine


Hi friends,

We are working on a case for 3 buildings in a campus having a total of approx 1500 AP's. Client is looking for RTLS and RFID based application support.

We are proposing Mobility services engine for the above requirement. Need help on few questions as below:

  • Do we need to take OS, Vmware licenses for UCS server in virtual appliance option.
  • For 1500 AP’s, we need more than one box in both options i.e. appliance and virtual. How are these boxes linked as one solution and provide one common database and solution.
  • What are the HA options available in Virtual and in Appliance.
  • It is assumed that license is required only for 1500 AP’s and not for additional HA appliances.
  • Does Location Services license supports RTLS and RFID applications or we need to opt for Advanced Location services.



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Ravi Singh
Rising star
Rising star

Yes you need ESX or ESXI ver 4.1 or above to for UCS server. Over ESXI you can deploy MSE Virtual appliance.

Moreover Location services license supports RTLS and RFID. To support 1500 AP's you have to purchase to two

Cisco MSE High-End Virtual Appliance with 1000 and 500 AP Location service license. You can also setup HA on MSE.

For installation and HA configuration, please follow the below link.

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