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Due to some compatibility issues with newer wireless clients, I decided to upgrade my WLC to the latest firmware 7.3.112.  During the upgrade the WLC bombs out at:Writing new RTOS to flash disk.I lose console access and on the controller the sys and ...

I have a customer using 1250 AP with monopole antenna, he face frequent disconnection for voice clients during roaming. Phone is forced for reregistration to call manager during the hand off. Same customer has dipole antenna in a different floor with...

jibinvsnl by Level 1
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Im making a design for a customer that will have around 200 wireless users.We were thinking in the WLC 2500, because the number of APs will be around 30.But the problem is that from time to time, the client organizes events, and in these events the n...

o_unzueta by Level 1
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Hi i have created multiple  user on acs for wifi access ,i want only one user should use one id at a time ,how to do this on acs 5.3   please help on thisbyVeeramani.G

Hi,   After some users complaint about signal getting weak and dropping I did some analisys from WCS and I have  realized that the APs have bad channel distribution and  TX power. Bellow we can see, I hope so, the heat map from a customer'floor. All ...

Hi,I have upgraded my WLC 5508 from 7.0 to 7.4 and the AP 1310 no longer can associate to WLC.Seems that the AP doesn't work with WLC ver 7.4Except changing these APs to autonomous mode, any other alternatives?Besides, if we change them to autonomous...

i have WLC 4400 series and i have configured port channel its four ports with my core.problem is when i apply port chanel on it it turns down and core log shows that extende: %EC-SP-5-CANNOT_BUNDLE2: Gi2/6 is not compatible with Po5 and will be suspe...

i'm going to start doing a survey in an area of our building that was recently remodeled with steel framing instaead of traditional wood.  in one area i'm thinking of putting a patch (or one for 2.4 and 5 ghz bands)   to light up a hallway and hopefu...

Resolved! WLC code upgrade

Hi,I am planning to upgrade the WLC code and I have about 133 RAPs/MAPs/1131 APs that already joined the WLC.  Will I have a problem with my MAPs when the WLC starts upgrading the code. Some MAPs will have 3 hops to connect to a RAP.Regards

mcaoile by Level 1
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