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Preloading Image to AP and reset in C9800 WLC upgrade

Charlie Grey

when do we actually predownload the image to AP + image swap and AP reset in C9800 WLC image upgrade?

i follow the guide; it states to # AP image swap then ap image reset which will cause the AP to reboot then to #install activate the image on the WLC.

if follow the above the install activate reboot and commit take so long on the controller, the AP confirm down or dunno download image from somewhere else..

is the above correct????


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Haydn Andrews
VIP Engager VIP Engager
VIP Engager

Copy the image to WLC

ap image predownload

Verify the pre-download status

show ap image

 Once completed

ap image swap


When ready to do upgrade

ap image reset
install activate
install commit 

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this is e doc i am refering to....

so the AP reset is longer than the interval to #install activate + reboot of wlc?!?

Arshad Safrulla
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

When you give install activate it will take time for the WLC to activate the new image before reloading. I would say ap image reset is not mandatory. You may skip this step, or you can open another ssh session to the WLC and provide this command when the WLC is prompting for the reload.

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