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Reboot multiple or all access points via WLC web GUI or Cisco Prime

Is it possible to reboot multiple or all wireless access points via the WLC web GUI or Cisco Prime at one time? If so, can it be scheduled? I would prefer to not have to reset each and every access point individually. Thanks!

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master

You can use the CLI to reset the access points if you want. Just need to build a script. NCS/PI you should be able to push out a template to reset the AP's also.

config ap reset

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The problem with this command: config ap reset

it is asking for confirmation. y/n

is there a command to force reboot with NO confirmation?

As per my knowledge, there is no command which don't ask about confirmation.


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@bouchal-38 I don't see the issue, just make a script for


config ap reset [apname]



with spaces. I just did it to check the solution. Looks very much like the problem could be exactly this.

Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Mentor

Just adding my 1 Euro

You can create Access Point Templates in PI.

By AP Templates permit you to make changes in bulk to access points.

1. From the PI, to to Configure-> Lightweight AP Templates -->

2. Then from the dropdown, select "Add template" and click "GO".

3. Name it "Reset APs" (description is optional)

4.  Click "SAVE"

At the bottom of the "AP Parameters" tab/page, check the "Reboot AP" check box.

Click on the "Select APs" tab.

Select the APs that you wish to reset.

Place a check in (or uncheck) each checkbox for each AP you wish to reset.  The operation of the AP template (in this case, simply resetting the AP(s)) will be performed on each AP where the check box is checked.

Click APPLY to execute the template and reset your list of APs.

And as Scott told , you can build a script.


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does the wlc5508 have this feature? I'm not seeing it, got the need to reboot all of the wap's talking to our controller, want an easy way to do it.

That described feature is for the Prime Infrastructure (or maybe also WCS).

I think the simplest way is to reboot the controller, that should cause all APs to reboot if they can't find any controller to connect to. It could be that the controller is faster up again, than the timeout of the AP which it waits, until it decides to reboot :(

What I wonder, why do you want to reboot them?

Another way is to enable SSH on all APs and then login to them and issue the reload command (haven't tested that though).



what about then if you have cluster?

I have created this template and applied it to all of my AP's and nothing happened. I also tried just applying it to one of my test AP's and it does not reboot it. I tested the CLI and was able to reboot the AP but as mentioned before you get confirmation y/n on each AP int he CLI.

What do I need to look for in the applying the template or what not.


I can't help you with the template.

But a script is real easy. SSH to the controller and get a list of APs (Command SHOW AP SUMMARY  or SHOW AP SEARCH ABC*). Paste the list into MSWord. Use the REPLACE (^H) command to replace paragraph mark (^p) with (^py^pCONFIG AP RESET ). Fix the top and bottom of the script, cut and paste it into notepad (Removes any unprintable characters). Copy this and paste into the controller SSH session.

Thank you so much.
perfect solution.

I've had this question many times and the fact that the WLC interface doesn't have an option for this seems really short sighted. I reset APs all the time for troubleshooting and testing purposes. 


No one has posted a script yet, so here is something REALLY ugly that I cooked up just now for my own purposes. Please mark as helpful if you end up using it. Everything I post here is free to use, just don't sell it or call call me when it doesn't work as expected.


# This is a simple if ugly script to reset all APs on a controller
# It requires a linux shell with sshpass installed
# It takes the username and password as command line options
# Running this WILL expose your password to other users on the box.
# Obviously the usual "This isn't secure but..." warnings apply.
# !!! Use at your own risk !!!

TEMPFILE="/tmp/$(cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z0-9' | fold -w 32 | head -n 1).txt"

echo "config paging disable" > ${TEMPFILE}
echo "show ap search *" >> ${TEMPFILE}
echo "logout" >> ${TEMPFILE}
echo "N" >> ${TEMPFILE}
echo "" >> ${TEMPFILE}

APLIST=$(sshpass -p "${SSHPASS}" ssh ${SSHUSER}@${WLC_IP} < ${TEMPFILE} | grep AIR- | awk '{print $3}')

echo "config paging disable" > ${TEMPFILE}
echo "config ap reset ${APNAME}" >> ${TEMPFILE}
echo "y" >> ${TEMPFILE}
echo "logout" >> ${TEMPFILE}
echo "N" >> ${TEMPFILE}
echo "" >> ${TEMPFILE}

sshpass -p "${SSHPASS}" ssh ${SSHUSER}@${WLC_IP} < ${TEMPFILE} > /dev/null 2>&1

echo "Reset AP ${APNAME} on WLC ${WLC_IP} at $(date +"%Y%m%d.%H%M")"

rm -f ${TEMPFILE}



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