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Rewire our office

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Level 5

We are looking to rewire our office. With wireless becoming more and more of a force, does it make since to use only wireless for my client PC's? Thks.

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Collin Clark
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I've seen small offices that are entirely wireless and they are happy with it. With wireless you will have to address issues like security, shared bandwidth, QoS, server backups/communications, etc. Once you have addressed those possible issues, your good to go.

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Level 1

A wireless deployment may be the answer your looking for. However please consider that there is a level of risk with this idea.

Your refering to deploying your business critical communication network to a medium which is public. IE your business neighbor could put an AP on the opposite side of the wall from you and cause significant performance issues. Where do you go from there? Depending on the issue you may be able to change the channels your AP(s) are opperating at... Or maybe there isnt a solution besides going to the 5ghz band.... Thus you require additional hardware, all while your business is taking a hit.

I am writing this via my own buisness supplied wireless, so dont think im trying to turn you off of the idea. However theres risks as with anything and you should understand them before hand.

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Level 1

Security is a big issue. But you can have this wireless network be indendent (completely separate) from your network. This is if you just wanted to get your client's on a network but not your network.

You can protect yourself by not broadcasting your Wireless Network and using keys of some type.

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Level 3

this depends on a couple things:

1) are you using IP Telephony - if so, and you have 7960s, 7970s, etc w/ POE, then wireless will not probably be a good option for you

2) security - what type of data are you transmitting across the network? sometimes the cost of a good wireless security solution will be more expensive then running a few cables (when I mean more expensive, I dont just mean the cost of the actual security devices, I am also including the implementation and support)


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