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Setup vlan on WS-C3650 switch for wireless phones


Hello, I need to setup a vlan that I can use for Layer 3 on our wireless controller that is built into our Cisco 3650 switches. I do have the wireless setup on the controller working for the past few years without issues for the wireless data and guest access using the associated vlans. 


I need to create a vlan specifically for the wireless phones on the switch and will be accessing the wireless network though the Cisco 2602i access points.


What I am looking at is just to create the vlan 20 on the switch itself and I can do the rest on the controller. I am fairly proficient with the Cisco CLI and can enter the information needed. 


Help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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Thank you for this information, I am looking into this now and it looks like this is exactly what I need to do.


I am looking for an example creating of the vlan steps that I can follow, just to get it right. Once I find something I will post this to make sure that nothing is missed.

I have created vlan's in practice, but not so much in live networks. I will give it my best.


Thank you,





I have a question on the vlan 20.

The vlan 20 that I want to create I assume it needs to be assigned to the port that the wireless access point is connected to.

So, the switch that I have setup as the controller does not have an access point connected to it directly, then does no vlan 20 need to be assigned to this switch?

Or does vlan 20 need to be setup on this switch with no access port assigned?


Thank you,

I have a question on a vlan 20 setup for an access point which is setup a a Mobility Agent.


Would vlan 20 also need to be setup for the Mobility Controller "Switch" even though an access point is not connected to it?


Since SVI also needs to be used for the vlan 20 setup on this switch, does SVI also get created on the Mobility Controller "Switch"?



Thank you,

MHM Cisco World
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I will do that, thank you for this information.

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