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WGB design

We have updated our customer wireless network with new 1562I and 1562D access points. We have diverse clients that wok fine, but we are facing some connection problems with third party clients used as wgb, wlc fail to comunicate randmly and shows erroneous IPs. We use some vehicles that have four or more wired devices connected to a switch that is finally connected to an access point acting as a wireless client as to get mobility and wireless conection to the vehicle devices all over the customer site.

¿What acces point model with external antennas would you recommend to act as wgb?

¿Are any kwonw issues on this type of design?


Can you be more specific about what you mean by "third party clients used as wgb"?  Are you not using a Cisco AP as the WGB?  There are several restrictions when it comes to using an AP as a WGB, perhaps this will help:

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.4 - Using Cisco Workgroup Bridges [Cisco Wireless LAN Cont…

What model is your controller?  What version of controller code are you running?



Rigth now, we have mikrotik AP acting as station pseudobrige, what we want to do is change all this mikrotik aps devices acting as clients with Cisco aps acting as a WGB.

We have 5508 on


I think you're good with your controller and code.  I don't know that any particular Cisco AP for the WGB is necessary, but I would recommend something like 3700i/3800i.  Do you have any existing CAPWAP APs that are spares that you could convert to autonomous to test?  I don't know what you have in inventory but not all APs have an autonomous image, which is why I didn't recommend the 1800/2800 APs.  You'd have to check what images are available from Cisco as I'm not sure when the last autonomous image was provided.


Yes we have some aps to test, but the problem is that our customer is in a very difficult enviroment, so testing in it's production network is not easy. What i was trying to find is what would be the idoneus AP to test and if there were any know issues or particular situations on this kind of deployment that must be noticed. I know that we will need e version, but not sure if using 2800e/2700e/3800e/3700e and if any of them would perform better ithan other.


What makes you think the AP will need to have an external antenna?  If the AP is mounted inside the vehicle and you want the antenna on the outside of the vehicle then yes, I would agree.  Check the software downloads available for the 2700/2800 APs to see if they have autonomous software available.  As for which AP to choose, the newer the AP the better (in general) because of features.  But you need to look at WGB features specifically.  Does the controller config guide for have a section on WGB?  I think all of those APs have a Gig port, so no distinguisher there.  The other major difference is whether or not the APs support 802.11n or 802.11ac, but whether or not you get those data rates and features depends just as much on the controller config and client capabilites.  I don't know off the top of my head which AP would be best as I haven't done any WGB deployments recently.  I would look at the release notes and config examples to see what else you can find out in regards to WGB in particular.  Have you done a survey of the existing network to check channel overlap, power, channel utilization, noise, interference, rogues, etc.?


Well, the use of external antennas is needed because of the size of vehicles, this is a must and have already been tested. We have also check the network performance, survey, channels, etc. Radio parameters are not the problem as the network is correctly designed. I was looking for feedback about using current model of APs more than theorical concerns shown on manuals what i´ve already checked. Thanks


I don't know that there really is any particular AP you should use because of the fact that it's being used as a WGB.  I would think the AP that will give you the best performance in terms of 5 GHz, 20/40 MHz channels, MCS rates, etc. would be what you'd base your decision on, as well as what APs are supported in  As an example, an 1140 series AP would not be supported on that code train and it's only FastEthernet.  If it were me I'd start with a 3802e.