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Wifi users slowness issue - troubleshooting with the help of Cisco Prime




We have WLC 5508, on one particular floor, we are getting slowness issue. our wireless printers mounted on moving truck in our manufacturing unit is taking too much time to print. many users are facing issue. We have Cisco Prime recently deployed for this mainly. but not sure where to look in Prime feature to narrow down the culprit. Could you plz help?

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 - Where the involved area's sufficiently prepared for wireless coverage with a site survey ?


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Yes. As it has been working without any issue in the past. this issue is showing up recently. 



We have 42 APs on the floor. AP performance are okay from Prime.

no suspecious alerts received from any of the 42 APs.

Client count on each APs are always less than 10. 


is there any other way we can see the root cause? Any reports from Prime?

Floor map shows a good coverage. no dead zones. 

Is everything else over wireless operating normal?
Has the printer a somewhat recent firmware?
Are file transfers reaching the expected speeds?
Is the printer directly installed, or do the clients print to a printserver, who then sends the job to the printer?

Leo Laohoo
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What firmware is the controller running on?
What kind of APs are currently there?
What radio are the users connected on when the issue occurs?
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