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Wireless network set up.


Good day,

i need a help to set up wireless network at my office.

I have cisco 1900 router which will be connected to ISP. Then the plan is to connect cisco Wireless controller 2504 to router. And finally Access points will be connected. Please suggest:

1. What should be config for router port Ge0/0 which will be connected to ISP.

2. What should be config for router port which will be connected to WLC.

3. should I connect Access points to WLC or to router?

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Kasun Bandara
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VIP Advocate

when you deploying WLC with APs, there are many deployment methods to do that. for 2504 guide check below link

for your questions, 

1. you must configure ISP given IP address and routing for ISP connected port. also needs NAT (if port directly configured with public IP and if ISP not doing NAT for you)

2. if this port directly connected to WLC, you can use some private IP range and configure same range IP for WLC management / user network ranges

3. i suggest you to connect APs directly to WLC (2504 supports 2 built in PoE ports) if you have only 2 APs, if you have more APs, you need to use PoE switch to connect APs or non PoE switch with power adapts for APs

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Good luck

I have configured GE 0/0 port for ISP (with their given IP) and GE 0/1 port for WLC (, ip route, NAT and dhcp. Router successfully accessed the internet. My router has 8 additional PoE ports, that i want to use for my APs. Do i need to create a VLAN ( and assign those ports to it as well as GE 0/1? or can i just assign IP addresses in subnet to those port for APS to work?