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WLC 5500 Port down on device


I currently have a cisco 5500 wireless controller and one of my ports are down, how do I either bring this port up manually within the CLI or GUI or change the physical status from auto negotiate to Full Duplex 1000 Mbps to match the other ports?

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 - Go to Controller > Ports  , available options may depend on controller model


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Scott Fella
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This might be a dumb question, but is the sfp in a working state and or the cable/connection?  Have you tried to swap out the sfp with another working one to see if the port comes back up?  Until the port is up on both sides, you should not see Full Duplex 1000Mbps.

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Rich R
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Also - have you changed/inserted/removed SFPs at all?

There are some quirks with 5520 and SFPs that may require a reboot sometimes. Refer to the "Switching Between 10 G and 1 G" section at 
for more info.

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