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WLC 5508 vs Flex 7500 - The Differences



I am planning an HREAP deployment; a data centre with multiple remote sites. HREAP has been evaluated and meets our requirements. We are now looking at buying some equipment for this deployment. For controllers, we are considering either the 5508 or the new 7500. Other than cost, scalability and different hardware what are the differences between the platforms? So far I have found:

  1. AP's in local mode not supported on 7500, the 5508 supports AP's in local mode.
  2. The 7500 cannot be used as a guest anchor controller, the 5508 can.

Are there any others I am missing?


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Scott Fella
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The Flex 7500 has 10gig ports and requires a 10gig connection compared to gigabit ports on the 5508.

Here is a matrix

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Thank you for the reply, as mentioned I was looking for differences other than scalability or hardware, looking to see if one has any features the other doesnt.

Only major difference is the Flex 7500 supports h-reap only, but you had that on your list.

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