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WLC could not learn the IP address for wired host behind WGB

Muhammed Adnan

Hello Experts,


I am running into an issue that on WLC, I could not see the IP addresses of wired hosts behind the WGB.


The setup is WLC 8540 --> CAPWAP AP )))))))))))))) IW3702 WGB-----IE1000 SW --> 5 wired end points.


Is there any specific configuration that we need to take into account to get this to working?

(WLC1) >show wgb summary

WGB Vlan Client Support.......................... Enabled
Number of WGBs................................... 1

MAC Address IP Address AP Name Status WLAN Auth Protocol Clients
----------------- --------------- ----------------- --------- ---- ---- ---------------- -------

3c:51:0e:e4:3d:74 WAPJPK-A1 Assoc 17 Yes 802.11ac(5 GHz) 3

(WLC1) >show wgb detail 3c:51:0e:e4:3d:74

Number of wired client(s): 3

MAC Address IP Address AP Name Mobility WLAN Auth
----------------- --------------- ----------------- ---------- ---- ----

cc:70:ed:c8:04:87 Unknown WAPJPK-A1 Local 17 No
cc:70:ed:c8:1f:87 Unknown WAPJPK-A1 Local 17 No
cc:70:ed:c8:31:07 Unknown WAPJPK-A1 Local 17 No

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Rasika Nayanajith
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

Hope you all these wired clients configured for same vlan as WGB management vlan ? is that right ?

I would check simply plug a laptop to WGB ethernet port and see if it get IP address first




Hi Rasika,


We have the wired clients is a different VLAN than the WGB management VLAN. And also the switch management vlan is different.


 WGB in VLAN Y (PoE in port) -------- Switch hosting the WGB in VLAN X  ---------- Wired hosts behind the WGB in VLAN Z


The WGB & Wired hosts are configured with static IP addresses. The DHCP proxy mode is set to disabled on the interfaces of both the 'WGB' & 'Wired Hosts' defined on the WLC.


Could you please help with knowing what could have went wrong?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Check the WGB AP Switchport, this should be configured with trunk to allow all VLANs.
The WGB AP will get IP Address from the same WLAN Interface/VLAN no matter what native VLAN configured on the WGB connected switchport

Muhammed Adnan

Hi Grendizer,

Thank you for your response.

I was following the WGB multi VLAN support document as it is (

However this document did not included the one requirement of creating even the physical sub interfaces and tagging the VLAN to it followed by attaching the bridge group id. This is something that was captured in a different document


Since I was using the PoE+ port on the IW3700 (Gig 0), adding the below configuration on the WGB facilitated in successful reflection of IP of the wired hosts behind the WGB.

interface GigabitEthernet0.20
encapsulation dot1Q <VLAN Id x for wired host>
bridge-group 20
no bridge-group 20 spanning-disabled



interface GigabitEthernet0.30
encapsulation dot1Q <VLAN Id Y for wired host>
bridge-group 30
no bridge-group 30 spanning-disabled


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