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Florian Frotzler

A9K-BNG-LIC-8K activation?



I can add the BNG license to the license store (A9K-BNG-LIC-8K), but how do I activate it? I am unable to find any information about that.




After you copy the license to the disk of the platform, you will have to add and activate it, as following:

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:XR_5.3.0# admin

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:XR_5.3.0(admin)# license add compactflash:/foo.lic


RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:XR_5.3.0(admin-config)# license A9K-BNG-LIC-8K location ?
RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:XR_5.3.0(admin-config)# license A9K-BNG-LIC-8K location 0/0/CPU0

*if you have redundant RPs/RSP you'll need to add them to both, as follows:

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:XR_5.3.0(admin-config)# license A9K-BNG-LIC-8K location 0/0/CPU0
RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:XR_5.3.0(admin-config)# license A9K-BNG-LIC-8K location 0/1/CPU0


RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:XR_5.3.0#sh license




Unfortunately this seems not to be the correct solution. The "license location" configuration command does not activate the license. According to the "Software Entitlement on the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Router" configuration guide for 5.1.x, it says:


license license-name location {all | node-id} 

(Optional) Binds the license to the slot where it is to be used.
Beginning with Cisco IOS XR Release 4.3.1, this command is optional. If you do not use this command, it is configured as though the license is bound to all slots.

Also the "show license" command confirms that the license is not activated if this configuration command is commited.


What to Do Next


To use the feature associated with the added license, you must configure it on your router. To configure Layer 3 VPN...


(no word about BNG)

the bng license is slot based, but not hard enforced.

you could set it to location all and the location that needs it will pull the lic towards it.

as long as you dont see the sw violate syslog messages, I wouldnt worry about it (for now :)



Hi Alexander

Is the bng license an honor-based license or not?


You can still set up subscribers without the license. But the system will start nagging that you need a lic and your syslog will fill with these messages printed periodically.

So while it is not hard enforced, the system does recognize one uses a licensed feature without a license.


Hi Xander

This behavior is the same in version 4.x or version 5.x??



hi paolo, correct, no difference!



Hi Xander,

I thought i would my queries to this thread as they are related:

1..  Can only SE Typhoon cards use the BNG feature set?

As per doc below:

2.. When building this in CCW the only option for the BNG 8K licenses is now the Smart option (S-A9K-BNG-LIC-8K) - I can't find any EoS notices for  A9K-BNG-LIC-8K.  Can yo conifmr that the Smart license is the best way to proceed?

3. The adv license (A9K-BNG-ADV-8K - adds geo redundancy) is cheaper than the std license, does this mean the adv licence needs to purchased "on top" of the std license?




hi anthony, technically you can run bng on tr cards also if yuo dont use qos. since tr cards only have 8 qs per phy intf. but since we dont test for it, we state that it is an unsupported scenario/design.

it is definitely smart to consider smart licensing for simplification of the whole lic stuff. however the 

  • A9K-BNG-LIC-8K= should be available (with the = sign, is spare)
The A9K-BNG-ADV-8K addresses the 
Geo-redundancy schemes. For subscribers which are given higher SLA through 
Geo-R  you'll need both the A9K-BNG-LIC-8K and A9K-BNG-ADV-8K.



I would like to add that the A9K-BNG-LIC-8K license is available on CCW, you have to go to RSP-> Standard License (under Product Configuration) and there you will find it. 

My recommendation is to go with Smart License, we did the same in the last order of four BNGs.

Keep in mind that IOS-XR 6.1.2 and onwards has support for BNG Smart Licensing

 If you want to use Geo-R, first read this doc (made by Xander).

Hi Xander and Smail,

Thank you for great responses,  i've just checked CCW again and the std BNG license is not an option on the TR RSPs but the Adv BNG license is.

Is this a CCW error or do you need (ie for a validated scenario) both SE RSPs and LCs?

Hi Anthony,

you have probably selected RSP-440-TR?

Do not do that. Go with A9K-RSP880-RL-SE. Price is the same as 440-SE.

And btw you should go with SE (RSP and LC), not TR if you want to use BNG features.

If you select A9K-RSP880-RL-SE then you will have the option to select the standard BNG license.

RSP880-RL-SE is "software limited" to 440G and you can later buy the upgrade license A9K-RSP880SE-RL-U.

Hi Smail,

Thanks again for the update.  This is for a customer who already has ASR9k infrastructure, they have 9010s with 440TR RSPs but they also have a number of ASR9001s - I understand 9001s are Typhoon SE class and will support BNG suite.