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ASR9001s front ports.


I'm prepping our ASR9001-S for integration as BNG, we have a M-LAG based core for aggregation and routing... so basicallyy we have...


AGG1    AGG2 

BNG1    BNG2

COR1    COR2


The idea was to connect each BNG 1x10G to each of the agg's for subscribers (eg. BNG1->AGG1&AGG2) and then 1x10G to each of the cores for ospf/routing (eg. BNG1 ->COR1&COR2), and use GeoRed for HA, so we'd have layer 2 redundancy, and GeoRed redundancy to protect against switch and router failures.


But then i remembered, our 9001S only has 2 active 10G ports according to the specifications, so we're sort of stuck either we connect the ports together on a bundle and have wan and lan on same bundle, or have the units only connected to 1 node of the agg and cor switches, which I suppose would work, and give clean 10/10 Gigabit ... but no l1 redundancy per unit, only the geo-redundancy for ha.


Just wondering what you guys think, I don't foresee getting the 2x120 license financed to activate the other 2 internal ports, and the MPA's are currently out a budget to add more ports, so we're basically stuck with what came with the boxes.


Whats odd is I notice theirs no actual mention in the config or interfaces of tengige0/0/2/2 and 0/0/2/3 being disabled by the current license or is that just something that I won't see till I plug those ports in.

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Klaudiusz Staniek
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What if you connected it as below:


AGG1 ---- AGG2

  |                   |

BNG1           BNG2

  |                   |

CORE1 --   CORE2


And use MST-AG for VLAN distribution?

Please have a look here:


Yes, for the addutional ports you need a license to enable them.



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