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IOS-XR: Ctrl+Shift+6, X - is not working

Good day everyone,

R010, R020 - IOS-XR

R02, R03 - classical IOS

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:R010#ssh X.X.X.14 username test

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:R020#ssh X.X.X.15 username test

R02>ssh -l test  X.X.X.16


! ctrl+shift+6,x

[Resuming connection 1 to X.X.X.15 ... ]


! Enter


! return to R02:


! ctrl+shift+6,x

[Resuming connection 1 to X.X.X.15 ... ]


(You have open connections) [confirm]

Closing: X.X.X.15 !


! ctrl+shift+6,x - no result still on R020...


RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:R020#ssh X.X.X.15 username test


! ctrl+shift+6,x - no result still on R02...

My settings on ASR9K are still deffault.  No special commands for changing ESC-sequence or something else...

line default

exec-timeout 30 0

access-class ingress <ACL>

session-timeout <min>

transport input ssh


What else do I need to check?  Thank you in advance.



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Cisco Employee

IOS-XR: Ctrl+Shift+6, X - is not working

Hi Dmitry,

I just reverfied this on 2 nodes running 432 and 434 and it seems to be working fine

between IOS to and from XR and XR to XR.

this is meant to be working, but a few tips that might be in play here:

make sure that the stop bits are set properly (to 1, which you need to configure in RSP440's),

re-verify your fpd's, especially rommon to make sure they are up to par.

Make sure the config register is set properly to ignore break sequence (0x102)

One thing that I am thinking about also is that this control shift may not be operational in SSH as SSH cant tunnel such command sequences, I tested with telnet.

May I ask you to verify it with telnet and see if there is a difference?

Alternatively, check your ssh terminal command sequence passing settings.




IOS-XR: Ctrl+Shift+6, X - is not working

Hi Alexander,

First of all, thank you for you check!

some additional info: V 4.2.3; A9K-RSP-4G; 0x2102; all connection via ssh (no console/aux - stop bits)

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:R01(admin)#show hw-module fpd location all - Upg/Dng - only No

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:R01(admin)#sh run --> fpd auto-upgrade

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:R01#ping count 1000


Success rate is 100 percent (28/28), round-trip min/avg/max = 48/49/52 ms

CTRL+C is working properly.

ASR9K - ASR9K (connection from putty/securecrt/xshell) - the same problem...

I can't check telnet. But for ssh it works on classical ios - so no difference with ssh.

Thank you for your help.  Still waiting for a tip



Cisco Employee

IOS-XR: Ctrl+Shift+6, X - is not working

As I was writing my earlier note I started to suspect the SSH portion of that and verified that too.

Indeed it is "part of the issue". it is an SSH client side operation whereby the right "escape" sequence needs to be defined, configured and used.

Thsi is not pertaining to IOS, or XR, but merely a client signaling operation as to how this escape is presented with a special SSH control character to the server (eg XR).

Maybe this helps:

Escape sequence for IOS ssh is "ctrl shift 6 x" but for other clients,
this might not be the case.
You might want to check the ssh_config file, at /etc/ssh/ssh_config, and
in your ~/.ssh/ssh_config file, to see, what's the escape sequence
there. Most commonly, this sequence is "~".

You may also get some juice out of setting the escape character to something
more simple for testing like this:

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:Ironman(config)#line template default escape-character

That would work if your vty's use the template "default" obviously:

something like this:

telnet vrf default ipv4 server max-servers 5

vty-pool default 0 4 line-template default


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