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What is the equivalent debug in IOS-XR to IOS debug ip packet?


Does IOS-XR have a similar  debug command to IOS to perform IP packet debugs?              

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi there,

the debug ip packet is a command in XR but it is not very helpful.

All packets in XR are switched in the hardware, there is only a few that are handed off to punt/inject and these are generally control plane too that we can capture/verify/examine with the respective protocol level debugging.

To capture packets from the hardware, asr9000 has the following option:

And if you like to dig more into SPP (software packet path) or NETIO (aka process level switching) then you can use the spp and netio debuggers for that. They are more complex and not that easy to work with, but if you

take my Cisco Live 2013 presentation (session ID 2904) then I have some command structures for you on NETIO/SPP in case you're interested.



Thanks Xander,

I ended up using wireshark and spanning the ports. That option is good if one has local access, I will have a look at that information you mentioned. i suppose the other tool I could use to see what ports an IP address is using would be netflow, I've not tried it on ASR9K but did use it quite a lot at the cli on IOS.

Any tips/tricks I could use with ACL's, agian not tried that. I cannot find a way a get hit counts off ACL's when using them in class maps,is there a way?

All this came about when I was trying to set up qos, to determine how to define my classification ACLs.



Hi Andy,

you could also use SPAN that can be aCL triggered, see here for a write up on that:

Span can't capture injected packets to wire (as they bypass all features) and some control traffic that is punted with high priority (eg BFD).

Netflow can be used also, but it wont display packet contents:


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