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Hi Expert,I don't have much experience to replace the RSP. I have plan to replace the new standby RSP (A9K-RSP-4G) wih new one. Do i need to concern about IOS-XR software or else? IMO, software and configuratin should auto sync from active card?Thank...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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%EE48-3-QM_SANITY_WARNING: Few free buffers(60) are available in FrFab FreeQ pool# 3This log are generated when high input traffic and I saw incresing of ignored counter.I think that have a problem with buffer issue because I type command execute-on ...

Does anyone know if it is possible to convert/parse the XML output from IOS XR into something that is more easily digestable.  The format that we are seeing is very different than what we are used to and would like to be able to parse the output into...

bennettjim by Beginner
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Now, I will upgrade two 6509 devices to ASR9010,but I don,t know some problemCan I migrate the switching configuration to the ASR9010 ?ASR9010 with the A9K-40GE-B line cardCan I Create vlan interface in the ASR9010.Can I type the switching configurat...

Resolved! IOS release date

Hi,We are looking for release dates for the following IOS. Please help us to get the same.IOS VersionLicense TypeRelease date12.3(14)T5 BASIC-IP6|FIREWALL 2|PLUS3DES12.4(2)T1BASIC-IP6|FIREWALL 2|PLUS 3DES12.4(22)YB UNKNOWN12.4(3)BASIC-IP6|FIREWALL 2|...

Resolved! WRED Profiles

Hello Everybody,For instance we have configured several WRED minTH /maxTH combinations:Min_Thr   [Bytes]Max_Thr [Bytes]326464128(...)And this combinations sum a total of 14 WRED "combinations". Can we assume that this 14 WRED "combinations" would be ...

dfranjoso by Beginner
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