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Hello all,i've been trying to install WAAS appliance, unfortunately in the one end of the connection i am terminating the WAAS VLAN on a VRF interface and it seems the there are no WCCP redirects to the WAAS. Then removed the vrf just to test and i s...

Incorrect SNMP readings when monitoring the temperature of a Cisco 3850 via PRTG

Hello I have recently installed a new Cisco 3850 which is using IOS 3.3.4.  I am monitoring monitoring SNMP using PRTG which is giving the following error:19 C (temperature 2006 (switch 2 - Temp 0 GREEN)) is above the error limit of 0 C. I have read ...

Resolved! WCCP problem or routing

Hi, We have two datacenters same logical LAN.Two ISP routers and two WAE 674 and using WCCP "egress-method negotiated-return intercept-method wccp"See attached file. The problem is when one of the "line" WAN interface goes down, some of the network a...

Resolved! duplicate class names under different multi match policies

We've inherited an ACE SM 3.0 (A5.1a) config, where we noticed duplicate class names under different multi match policies, similar to this: policy-map multi-match POLICY1   class CLASS1-cm    loadbalance vip inservice    loadbalance policy CLASS1-pm ...

axfalk by Beginner
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What is the correct device to use for content/application routing/switching?

We currently have 2 data centres and traffic from anywhere is sent from our customers to a Windows cluster IP and TCP port number. Its old and unreliable and unwieldy.What i am looking for is a device that sits one network hop up from our 2 data cent...

Cisco ACE new context config

Hi all,I need advise/help with this situation: I want to create a new context. lets say i want to create 2 vlans:-20 (server side) and 30 (vip/client side).FYI the other context (existing) already have vlan 20 for server side also.Can it work?Is it p...

WMFaris by Beginner
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