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Resolved! Waas Licencing

 We have 4 819 routers that come licenced for was express. The first unit is about 6 months old and was is licenced and ready, the 3 new units show was as expired and don't show any licence. Is there a command to enable the was?

sprocket10 by Explorer
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ACE30-MOD-k9 in bridge mode. Individual server in the same vlan of Real Servers not reacheable.

 I configured ACE30-MOD-K9 in bridge mode and I configured a server farm with his real servers. The traffic passes and is balanced correctly between all RSERVER. But I can not contact a server that is on the same vlan of the serverpharm but doesn't b...

How do I keep traffic away from WAAS based on only the host name, no IP or port?

HTTP Traffic to a specific host is causing a issue for my WAAS devices. This request goes my proxy so I cannot block by IP address. I believe there is a hidden command that will take a host name to keep WAAS from attempting to optimize traffic from a...

ACE 4710 is not working

Hi. I'm working on the Cisco ACE 4710 to be able to load balance web Traffic between several web servers. but despite following the steps mentioned on the Cisco configuration guide (specially this link and related docs:

Resolved! multiple SSL certificates on ACE

Hello   I currently have ACE configured with a wildcard SSL certificate, matches * Now, because my wildcard doesn't include sub-subdomains, I would like to add a new SSL certificate matching *   My first wish was ...

laurent55 by Beginner
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Double Sided VPC

Hi,I have to enable a layer 2 connectivity between my two data centers. There is one pair of Nexus 5000 switches in each data center. Can I form a double sided VPC (also called back to back VPC) between these data centers using 5Ks only? Thanks.

sqambera by Beginner
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is it a bad idea to put both ports 443 and 80 in the same class map, when load-balancing using the ACE.

We are configuring an ACE 4710, and it is pretty straightforward, in that it is balancing http, and https traffic to a number of servers, ssl termination is on the Load balancer itself.The question is - is it a bad idea to match both port 80 and 443 ...

WAAS wccp and OTV on ASR1002

Hi, There is any conflict between OTV on ASR1002 and wccp on Wave-694 configured in the same scenario?My scenario is 3 sites with ASR1002 for OTV cloud, a wave-694 at each site configured for wccp, and a 6807 in VSS mode as CORE-LAN. I wan to know if...

epalma by Beginner
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