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Cisco UCS X-Series Energy Efficiency Offer


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Hi,we are looing for a solution with cisco CDN (ACNS5.x) and content delivery to Set top Boxes (ACNS Export). Also a customer asks which e-learning systems/vendors are capable ti integrate in Cisco CDN(ACNS5.x)?Which STB vendor(s) are supportet by C...

b.lang by Level 1
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I noticed that the CSM module uses different time/date settings than the router.Is there a way to synchronize the CSM's clock to the router.Thanks,Attiladplexdmz-6509-1#sh clock11:29:17.246 CET Fri Feb 17 2006dplexdmz-6509-1#sh mod csm 1 probe real ...

orbana by Level 1
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1) What happens if all 3 cache engines fail?As far as I understand all traffic is forwarded directly to the Internet.Is there a way to block the normally redirected traffic?2) Do the "redirection hash table" on the 2 switches get syncronized?3) Are t...

g.ettlin by Level 1
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Is it possible to create an slb policy using a single SSL Virtual Server that will redirect based on url, to a different port on the serverfarm. I've got a virtual server configured now without policies listening on port 443, which flows to a serverf...