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Cookies Expire in 1970

I've got an interesting issue here with an ACE pair. I've set a pretty basic insert-cookie based configuration. However, persistence wasn't working. I fired up HTTP-fox and found that the ACE was setting the cookie to expire in 1970.  Here's the rele...

tonybourke by Beginner
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SSH from rserver to mgmt interface

is it possible to ssh from a rserver which is loadbalanced by the ACE to the ACE management interface?  I have three server that need to check serverfarm current connection stats as part of an upgrade script so the rserver will need to ssh to the man...

shday by Beginner
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ACE ssl termination issue

Hi,I have two ACE 4710 which configured az virtual context and active/active, i configured ssl termination and Load balancing.  load balancong works fine but with ssl termination, after the main page (web server login page)  display and i enter usern...

IPv6 to IPV4 on ACE

Hey Guys,can someone please explain if ACE does support IPV6 to IPv4 conversion ? My requirmenet is to host website which is already on IPv4 to support IPv6 connections.what would be the setup look like - VIP (IPV4)----------------2 Nodes (IPv4)VIP (...

Load balancing imbalance in ACE

We are facing slowness an http application which is due to connection imbalance. This setup has one set of Load balancer and a proxy in DMZ where the connections gets terminated from the users and a load balancer inside LAN which load balances betwee...

Shobith K by Beginner
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WAAS - Cisco 7609 High CPU issue

Hello,We had an issue on a working day where Cisco 7609 as WAN Core routers dropped PIM/BGP/ISIS due to high CPU peaking 99%-100%; also downstrean distribution routers (Cisco 6500 MSFC) reached high CPU as well resulting in creating multicast entries...

Ask the Expert: Configuration and Troubleshooting the Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) load balancer

With Ajay Kumar and Telmo Pereira   Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about configuration and troubleshooting the Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) load balancer...