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Dear sir,       In the cisco antispam blocker, it has a setting to configure multiple destination host IP address for SMTP route.  It is located at Network --> SMTP Routes --> Select "domain name" --> destination hosts. We can add mutiple IP address ...

joetam by Beginner
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I have been trying to get my blocker set-up in my domain and have been stumbling along. I finally got to the point where the blocker would communicate with the exchange server (by test). I then changed the port forwarding on my firewall so that it fo...

nathanv by Beginner
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Hi,I was wondering if it is possible to configure the CSVB so that when the user login on to the Spam Quarantine page he also can see the messages in de policy quarantine folder?For example I setup a content filtering policy folder for the word viagr...

supportbsu by Beginner
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