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First CSC Super Gold Recipient

I'd like to acknowledge CSCs first "super gold" recipient Rob Huffman.  Over the years Rob has spent countless hours helping others on the community.  During this time he has solved thousands of member problems around the world!  His helpful and frie...

New CSC Flash Demo

Check out our new flash demo!  There is even a cameo from one of our VIPs,Dan

Resolved! Crazy Holiday Stories

Hey Folks,It's that time of the year again and I thought it would be fun to sharesome crazy holiday stories I have many, but the first one involves the Christmas feast (or not)A couple of years ago, my wife Carmen and I were heading to my folksfor th...

Rob Huffman by Hall of Fame Community Legend
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Happy Holidays!

The Cisco Support Community team wishes all a safe, restful & happy holiday season.Thank you all for making the community such a special place for everyone!Tom Yoritaka, Director, Cisco Support Community

Resolved! IOS Joke :D

A friend just emailed me this joke and I've been laughing like a stupid for an hour so I figured I'll post it 5 Routers walk into a bar.... Who gets the car keys?.......THE DESIGNATED ROUTER!!!! LOL

pablo.nxh by Participant
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Resolved! HelloWorld

Hello everyone,I have recently joined the community and I thought I 'd say hi to everyone in my first discussion thread. Hoping to learn and contribute in the coming days, weeks, months and years. I recently certified as CCNA, I also have a degree in...

ahmed.jama by Beginner
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Congratulations to Mike

Hey Mike,Congratulations on your new gold badge (although it is well known that the gold badge is not really my favorite )! BTW: How about some way (maybe on the main page) to highlight members who get a new badge (especially the brand new stars)?Ch...

marikakis by Rising star
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Share your expertise --- and get to know your fellow community members (Win an iPad)

Cisco Support Community is a place for network technology professionals worldwide.  You post questions, answer those from your fellow community members or read our latest community blog posts.  It’s truly a community.Why not share a little more about...

Funny Story on The telco fix to LOF on PRI

One of our offices in China has been having issues with our PRI where it would see Loss of Frame and AIS and would just go down for about 10 seconds or so. Did not have that great of an impact to the users as most times it was off hours so the users ...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Thanks to Dan

Thanks for starting this little niche for all us nerdy types to share stories.Rob.....Golden Bikni's? The visual just made me shiver and now I have to get a lobotomy again to wipe it from my are truly the Goddess of the Cafe, Leo i...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Cisco Cafe - now open for business

Right-o.  Here are the Club rules: 1.  Welcome mat is outside the door and it reads, "Leave your pride outside". 2.  No work-related stuffs here.  Whinging is acceptable. 3.  No religious topic/debate. 4.  No political topic/debate. 5.  No harass...

Leo Laohoo by VIP Community Legend
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