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Resolved! Regular AWS Marketplace package vs BYOL Package

I installed the standard (non BYOL) CSR 1000v package from AWS Marketplace.I am going to purchase a license for the 1000v (L-CSR-100M-ADV-1Y).Can I simply apply this license when I receive it or do I need to terminate my running instance and load the...

Q. Does the Cisco CSR 1000V route traffic between different subnets that are inside an AWS VPC?

A. Yes the CSR1000V will route packets between subnets within a VPC.  However, if those subnets both have external connections through the Internet Gateway (IGW) this presents a problem.  For example, consider the following setup:IGW -- SUBNET-A -- C...

Does CSR 1000v support HA feature & how?

Does CSR 1000v support HA feature?I noticed that redundancy command support in configuration mode,but neither sso/ha mode can config,Router(config-red)#?Redundancy configuration commands:  default   Set a command to its defaults  exit      Exit from ...

Resolved! Virtual Console connection - System refused connection

I have setup a few CSR 1000v routers on an ESXi 5.1 serverI have followed the instructions to enable the virtual serial portI enabled the virtual serial port in the Firewall of esxiHowever when I connect to the virtual serial port telnet://esxiip:200...

Using CSR 1000v as VPN Relay in AWS

HelloI'm trying to build a VPN relay between two Instances in AWS, using a 3rd instance running a pair of CSR routers, to overcome the limitation that I cant build a VPC GW from two instances within a region to the same VPN Device. For that, I am pla...

Welcome to the Cisco CSR (Cloud Service Router) Discussion Forum

Welcome to the Cisco CSR (Cloud Service Router) Discussion Forum!This forum helps CSR users interact, share knowledge and build communities with one another.We hope you enjoy participating in the CSR discussion forum! Best Regards,Cisco CSR Product T...