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Cisco 12.8.1for Windows just stops running, no crash, etc. Win 10.

I'm not sure what is happening.  I had 12.8.0 installed and this was not happening.  I was looking at 12.8.1 only because we've had an issue with it and the Call Center (UCCX 11.6) so in the bug fixes for 12.8.1 they said our issue if fixed so I downloaded and installed.  Problem is it will randomly just shutdown.  No error, no warning, etc.  Just suddenly when I look it's not on the edge of the screen or in the tray running  Anybody else seeing this happen and/or know where this would be logged?


Stuart Patton

Not seen this problem, but then I installed and uninstalled 12.8.1 after about 5 minutes and reverted back to 12.8.0.


For me, contact groups kept disappearing and I ended up with all of my contacts in an unsorted list.  It also hasn't fixed a problem that I'm also seeing in 12.8.0 where I can't delete any custom status.  I get a red "X" to the right, but if I click it, it simply sets my status to the one I'm trying to delete.

for what it's worth, and likely not much, enterprise groups missing in jabber has been happening for years. it's the main reason I stopped using and recommending it. so, certainly not new to 12.8(1).
Adam Pawlowski
VIP Engager

I had some issue with enterprise groups when I had contacts in them that I set an alias for

This issue was reported when we use GPO to deploy the software. It notes that your software version is not what it wants and it closes the application to install the new one. It can't install a lower version without removing the old software, so, in net you just see it disappear. I'm not a GPO expert and don't know which configuration elements there caused that behavior, we just figured out that's what caused it.

@Adam Pawlowski wrote:
I had some issue with enterprise groups when I had contacts in them that I set an alias for

Just to be clear, my issue is not enterprise groups - it's just the groups you can add contacts into locally in the client to organised them.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

I haven't seen this with Jabber, but other windows and applications just up and disappear like my browser for no apparent reason in Windows 10. I'd guess it's the OS and not the app, the app is just collateral damage.

I just googled for the issue and this came up from 2016. I might give the suggestions a try:

That has never happened on any of my machines unless I run out of resources and when that happens it puts up a window saying so and you can't restart it again.  That is not what is happening.  What do you recommend for a soft phone then that is not going away.


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