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Cisco Jabber for Windows desktop sharing

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Dear team,

I tested Cisco Jabber for Windows and almost all features are working well except one which is desktop sharing.

As for the desktop sharing, the “Share desktop” icon is grayed out even if i use my desk phone or PC as the phone.

The infrastructure I am using is composed of:
-          CUCM version

-          CUP version

-          Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0.0 build 5435 (build date 18-01-2012)

Please advise.


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Yes correct. It is BFCP based to video end points only. no remote control with on prem. WebEx is needed for that piece or go hosted.



Pranjol Saikia
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How do I have access to the Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0.0 software


The only version of the software available now is 9.0(1).

You can find it on the software download site.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community

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Hi All,

Can somebody please confirm if remote control is also possible after desktop is shared?

Our desktop sharing is working fine when we are on call using CSF but once shared i dont see any option to ask for control or provide desktop control to other party.

Without desktop control i dont see much use of this feature in our environment.

Please confirm.



Srini's response was correct.

No remote control in the current release for on-prem (CUP) users using Video Desktop Share.

This is on the backlog for implmentation in a future relase.




With an on premise solution does Jabber provide Desktop Sharing without the use of Webex? I've read previous replies but struggling to see a straight answer.

Our Jabber client has Desktop Sharing grayed out.



You can only do BFCP based desktop sharing which requires an active call to be established first(audio or video in soft phone mode). If that isn’t done you cannot share unless you use WebEx. This applies to on premise mode only




in the case if Jabber for Windows end point call to video conference bridge,PVDM3 Resource, can solution support for SIP/SCCP in the same conference and sharing slide using BFCP?  if not do any workaround solution?



PVDM3 based resources don’t support content sharing. You have to look at MCU for that piece to be able to support content sharing in a multi point session.



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Hi there

just checking what the status is on this.

Does an on-prem Jabber deployment support remote control nowadays?

My Jabber 9.2.4 client still has the desktop sharing button greyed out.

Is it because our CUCM is only v7? Will upgrading to v9 make it work?

I understand Remote Control will require WebEx regardless of what CUCM version we have. Correct? Does that mean that if we require remoting during a Jabber chat session, then we will need to stop the chat and open a different WebEx client?


Hi Alessio,

Jabber desktop sharing uses softphone mode working on the Jabber client. Webex isnt needed.

Hope that helps.

Please rate if it answers question.


Hi Rich

My questions were actually about Remote Control.

This youtube video takes the demoing very far, but does not actually show the user experience of upgrading from an IM chat, to a Remote Desktop, and into a Remote Control session.

I've seen a few of this kind of demos (incl. live) and they never show how the WebEx escalation works. It must be really hard to do

Thanks anyway

You can only do this today without WebEx if you go down the hosted path. So Jabber using cloud services aka WebEx messenger services. Then you can do P2P desktop sharing and remote control. This is on the roadmap for CUP


Thank you very much Srinivasan! Finally a clear answer.