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Disable webex connect


I set up Jabber for connection to Unified Presence server, but when Jabber starts, tries to open see it on Wireshark and on proxy firewall) Therefore it always displays a window with request of login and password for our proxy server.

Can someone advise how to disable webex connect in Jabber?

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Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Are you sure you have installed Jabber and not the webex connect client (which will automatically connect to webex connect cloud services).

In Jabber, before you sign in, you have the choice to choose between server types:

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Its Jabber bug CSCuj14018. Support said this bug will be fixed in 9.2.6

Alex Pfeil
Level 7
Level 7

Using Wireshark, you can see the IP address of the WebEx connect server that Jabber is trying to connect to.  Deny this IP address at the firewall and it will stop behaving in this manner.  This is a work around.  I have Jabber 9.7 installed and it was doing this to me the other day.  I have a ticket in with Cisco to see if there is a different fix.

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