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How to remove directory numbers assigned to users and devices.

I am task to remove a handful of phones from CUCM and remove the assigned directory numbers. I have been able to remove the phones however I can still see the directory numbers assigned to the respective users when I go to Call Routing> Directory number. Is there a way I can un assign the DN from the respective users without permanently deleting them?

Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

Removing the phones wont delete the Extensions.


DO you need to remove both phone and DN ? or is it just the phones ?



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Maren Mahoney
VIP Advocate

The Directory Numbers table in the database does not have specific assignments. If you are looking at the "Description", that is just a text field and does not imply assignment. Here are the things that cross-reference DN and User:

  1. Go to the End User account and look for "Primary Extension". That field does associate the user with the DN and allows automatic creation of a URI. You can choose "none" for the Primary Extension to disassociate the number from the user.
  2. Also on the End User account, look for the telephone number field in the first section. Note that this is also just a text field (although possibly synchronized from LDAP) and has no relationship to the DN table in the database. CUCM uses the telephone number field on the End User account page as a number to dial when someone dials the user by name.
  3. On the DN page, at the bottom you will see users associated with the DN. This is used for Presence purposes. This can also be associated/disassociated with the user. I know how to associate users with their DNs for Presence using BAT, I'm not sure how to disassociate.
  4. If you need to wipe out the "Description" field on the DNs so that the users' names no longer, those can be cleared via BAT using a "Custom File" to list the DNs.

If none of these is what you meant, can you describe what you want to do in a little more detail?



Thanks Maren, this is helpful 


You may need to do a Route Plan Report and select Unassigned DN's

Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor

May I ask you for what reason you would want to keep the unassigned directory numbers in your CM?

Usually this is not common practice. If not removed together when the device is deleted they would easiest be removed by searching for unassigned numbers in route plan report and then selecting to remove all found.

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Mahmoud Belhaj

deleted a user from the LDAP directory show as Inactive LDAP Synchronized User in Cisco Unified
Communications Manager So Wait 24 hours for the garbage collector to remove the user.


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