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Jabber Client version 11.5.4 Build 37452- Directory Connetion issue



I am doing a lab setup with AD ,CUCM and IM&P.

Version are as follows:


IM & P :

I have created the service profile with UDS as per the screenshot.

But in the client health checkup i can see that the Directory is disconnected.

and because of this I am not able to search any contacts.

This is a on-premises deployment solution .

Any help is appreciated.

Also which logs shall i look for to find the cause in this case.

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can try to reset Jabber to make sure you're getting the latest config, otherwise, you can take a Jabber PRT and that will get you what configuration Jabber is getting from CUCM.



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What is PRT?

Problem Reporting Tool



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Md Hasan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Set the Directory service to "None" and take out the username /password from the service profile. UDS don't need them.

Jabber is trying to connect to LDAP with current config not CUCM.

UDS == Jabber searches CUCM database for contacts search

Directory UC Service:

Directory (Enhanced Directory) == Jabber searches LDAP (on windows)

Directory == Jabber searches LDAP (on Mac, non windows OS)

It doesn't matter if you have info for EDI, when you check the Use UDS for contact resolution, it will take priority

If there's no configuration regarding the directory, then the default will be LDAP, UDS has to be configured for it to work.

Which now that I think about it, OP, you do have the right service profile with UDS assigned to those users, right??



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Yes i have the right/only one service [profile i have that is assigned to the user.

I am attaching the jabber.log file in case it will be of any use to find the cause

i gave a quick look into your PRT. you have logged into a machine which is in domain. your jabber is trying to connect to ldap server with the credentials with which you logged into the machine but jabber is getting below error :

ConnectionManager::GetDirectoryGroupSearcher - failed to get a searcher - COMException [0x8007052e]

this is error is coming from ldap server.

now as you trying to login into jabber manually by specifying IP of CIMP and you want to use CUCM as a directory source. As far my experience is concerned , you won't be able to achieve this bcoz you are not logging into jabber automatically through cisco-uds srv records.

if you want to use " Use UDS for contact resolution" then try loggin in jabber automatically else you have to configure a jabber-config xml file in which you will configure directory source.

i hope this helps

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