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Jabber Google Calendar Integration - Change the default window from IE to Chrome

Hi Guys,


Just a quick background, we have moved from Lotus Notes to Google and Gmail. We also have a lot of Policies in place that will reroute any Google Apps from Internet Explorer to Chrome.


So I have noticed the Window that pops up to request your email address when integrating the Google te Calendar the first time is using IE in the backend to authenticate the Token from Google. So when logging in that page basically hangs and then produces some internal policy notification blocking it.


I have confirmed the issue is IE because there was an update to Chrome and our Policies did not apply yet. So I was able to login to IE on Gmail and the Google Token was generated and it allowed me to complete the integration on Jabber. So basically when using gmail in IE it was not rerouted to chrome as before.


Is it possible to change the default Window when inserting your Google Email details to point to Chrome and not IE as Jabber is ignoring my Global Window Setting that says Chrome is my default browser.


As the current way of asking users to first login via IE and then try the Jabber Calendar integration is not seamless and this might be patched by our IT Team.


Any ideas?



Could you solve your issue? I have same problem here with jabber calendar.

Hi Mohammad, unfortunately not. 

We could not get it to work with our Security in place. I have simply disabled the calendar in the Config File.

Oops, thanks bro.

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