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Vinod Gupta

MFT Configuration issue - Cisco XCP File Transfer Manager Not Running

Hello Team,


Kindly help us to configure MFT for managed file transfer in Jabber .


I am facing below issue .

1. Cisco XCP File Transfer Manager Not Running

2. Getting error on External file servers - Verify the external file server directory is valid


Attaching error for same .


Thanks in advance .

Vinod Gupta

Any1 here for help .

Maren Mahoney
Events Top Contributor

Your error message indicates that the directory path is incorrect or that the permissions to that directory are not correct.

Did you follow the following procedure to create the external database? Can you double-check that the credentials are valid?

Add an External Database on Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence

And have you verified that the rest of the configuration is correct?

How to configure Managed File Transfer in CUCM CM IM/Presence

If everything is correct, can you provide a trace of the XCP service from the IMP server?



Hi Maren,
I already followed that document but unfortunately its not helpful because its just having information for addition of External server in IM&P but I am looking for server configuration , might be I am missing something while configuring server .
Maren Mahoney
Events Top Contributor

Here is a PostgreSQL installation guide. Does that help?

Database Setup for IMP on CUCM - Install PostgreSQL

Hello Maren,

I stuck on this steps , can you help me out

Set Up an External File Server for MFT
Type the following command to search the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file for the values described above.
cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep Authentication

Where should I enter this command ?

Referring Doc -

That command would be entered on the external Linux file server that is required for this functionality. That machine will also need to be maintained to ensure the security and stability of your systems- I recommend engaging an administrator for that technology area in your organization.
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