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one user on LDAP cannot read by CUCM

romy kurniawan
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I integrated cucm with my customer's LDAP Active Directory. All users in this folder can be read by CUCM except user Nginfung. is there a misconfiguration from this user Nginfung?






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run a full sync on CUCM LDAP directory.

and also check if there is any LDAP filter applied on the directory 

if nothings helps we need collect logs and see.

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I have run a full sync on the CUCM LDAP directory but the user "Nginfung" is still unreadable by CUCM. No LDAP filter applied on the directory CUCM configuration.




Remember that there is a default LDAP Filter that is always applied (and is not visible from the GUI). IIRC it only matches user records (eg not contacts or machine accounts) and requires the account to not be disabled.
It’s also possible, although unlikely, that the permissions on that user account do not allow the service account that CUCM is using to read it.

Does the telephone number 8178 also belong to a second user? (Or the related ipPhone field?) CUCM will not import two users with the same phone number.

If none of the suggestions listed here solve your problem, you may want to pull the Trace file for the DirSync service and look for the attempt to sync this user. The trace file should give you a hint (or more!) about what is going wrong.


No other users use telephone number 8178.

How to get the trace file of the dirsync service as you mentioned?

By using RTMT and collect the trace files.

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Here is a link showing the process for gathering a trace file using RTMT. You will select the "DirSync" service in the System services (not the application services).

Collect Trace Data for CUCM 9.X or Later