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Start/Join Webex meeting automatically

Is there any way to start/join a meeting automatically? We support dozens of conference rooms, all with Cisco video conference units and it would be nice to pre-program the units to make the connections to meetings at their scheduled time automatically so that participants don't need to be entering meeting numbers and PIN numbers and avoid confusion and we don't have to send someone to just connect the call. I'm surprised no one has asked this before (at least I can't find any discussions on this issue). Seems to me the technology infrastructure exists already to do this.

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Re: Start/Join Webex meeting automatically



Could you give background information of your video infrastructure? How WebEx meetings are scheduled using these video endpoints and how video endpoints are registered?

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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

Re: Start/Join Webex meeting automatically

Vaijanath, thanks for replying. I can't tell you much about the infrastructure since I only do end-user support and I am not familiar with all the back-end hardware, but there is quite a bit of equipment with multi-gigabit redundant fiber lines at various data centers. We are a large university and have Cisco equipment in several cities at the data centers. We have SX-80 units in many rooms. Some others have SX-10, some others have large multi-camera setups with multiple large screen TVs.

Typically, users schedule meetings themselves using the Outlook plugin which talks to the Webex back-end and creates the meeting numbers in the invitation. That gets sent out to everyone that is invited via Outlook. Some Webex accounts have a video conference unit assigned to them, usually the one that is nearby their office. I can set that up on the site administration. Hosts startup their meetings using the meeting number or address in the invite, clicking on the Join link in the computer, or dialing the meeting number in a video conference unit. Usually people need help figuring out what numbers they need to dial whether they are a host or not, and we rather send a technician to enter the numbers for them and not have upset users delay the meeting. So if a meeting is scheduled, we know ahead of time because they invite our technician as well in Outlook so they have all the meeting info. With that information, it would be nice for us to plug that information somewhere, and let the video conference unit start up the meeting automatically at the scheduled time and the tech doesn't have to be interrupted to go to the room to start the meeting. Is there any way to do that? Keeping in mind that our rooms are spread around several blocks on campus on large buildings and techs have to take long walks to get there, so it would make sense to have these meetings, which sometimes happen 2 or 3 times a day, start up automatically if the meeting is hosted in a video conference room system. This is a non-issue in the computer because the users know to click the Join link on the invite, but for the room conference units, this is a totally different experience and they usually need help. 


Hope this is sufficient info, but it is all I have. Thanks.


Re: Start/Join Webex meeting automatically

I am also looking for a solution for this.  Though i would also want it to work from an unattended PC.  Basically, i would like to be able to remotely trigger the PC to join a webex session - either based on a trigger or by calendar invite.  It would be very helpful since this pc is often unattended and i want to include it and be able to control it  in meetings.



Re: Start/Join Webex meeting automatically

Are you using TMS, or cloud managed to manage / schedule the conference resources? TMS can auto connect participants, and both can be configured for OBTP, placing the nice big green Join Meeting on the VC device. It makes joining from the VC unit very simple for anyone.

Re: Start/Join Webex meeting automatically

Thanks for the quick response. I am not offhand sure whether we are using TMS or cloud hosting. Is there an easy way to check? We do, in our conference rooms with Cisco telepresence have the “join meeting” icon.
But what I am looking for is a way to trigger an entirely unattended PC to join a meeting.
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