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Wrong line description after upgrading to J4W 12.9.2

Tomas Uhlar
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Hi all,

after upgrading J4W client to 12.9.2 a wrong line (DN) description appeared at some users. Wrong means there is suddenly a name of the users predecessor. The problem refer only to the users/DN where was a change in DN description.


Association of phone and DN is set correctly, moreover we did not see this problem in previous Jabber versions. What I noticed in CUPS System Dashboard was, the last sync with CUCM ran 2 years ago. I restarted Cisco Sync Agent on CUPS publisher (all users are assigned to this node), sync was successfull but had no effect to our problem.


UDS is used in our configuration,

CUCM cluster version is,

CUPS cluster version is


Any tips? Where the line description in J4W client come from? I suppose it is somehow linked to "Line Text Label" in Directory number Configuration...





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Greetings Tomas -

The line description comes from the line side CSF Jabber configuration.

The field heading is: Line 1 on Device CSF...………..

The fields to populate are: Display (Caller ID) and possibly, ASCII Display (Caller ID) 

I suspect these are populated with the predecessors information currently?

I forgot to specify - there is no CSF device in these cases. These users use the Jabber in IM and phone control mode only...


Adam Pawlowski
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I think there was a change in search that showed up at some point to allow for searching a different way around, by email or number or something that didn't work with UDS well before.


If you're referring to directory data, that is whatever is configured in the associated end user record, not whatever you've configured for the user's extension.


If you have synchronized in User A, with a telephone number of 12345, and assigned them internal extension 12345, searching for User A shows their business telephone number as 12345. If User A retires or leaves, and you do not remove this account from the system, but instead provision User B with 12345 and same internal extension, then calls from 12345 _may_ display User A as the caller ID data, based on how UDS lookups are done for a contact instead of respecting the data sent with the call in SIP signaling.


I suppose there is another possibility, and TAC can confirm which is doing what here, but it is possible that your clients are listening to data retrieved from Outlook and compositing the user's contact in a manner not suitable to you. This has caused me some trouble in the past, but I don't recall if the contact source is noted in the Jabber logging to be sure that's where it came from.


Those are the only two things I can think of which would impact more than one user at once. I haven't updated to 12.9.2 yet, but maybe I will if it fixes some of the contact resolution problems I had been having.

Hi, thanks but...the problem does not occure when I'm searching for these users - in this case the correct extension is displayed. The problem is really only in line description in bottom left corner in J4W window ... Strange, I know :)...

Thanks Tomas