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Cisco Spark Developers can roll out Better and Faster App Experiences with Rollbar


Back in the day when I was a hard core developer working on 'complex networked multi-threaded cross platform scheduling systems' (yeah, 20 years ago, and yeah, trying to get as many of the old buzz words in…) we were concerned with the quality and stability of our code.

At the time, I was working at a start-up, and we were also required to test our own code.  We got instrumentation tools, (can't remember the names) created tests, ran more tests, checked code coverage and memory usage. Then our demo 'guru' deployed the code for initial use in our demo environment.

Over the next month, even after all that work, testing, and pressure from other developers to get 'er done- problems cropped up. Problems that forced us to backtrack, by poring over days, or sometimes even weeks, of log data to try to find what the problems were.  That process always took at least another week to complete.  Then, we'd spend a long time trying to recreate the issue, guessing at the workflow or timing which invoked it.  That was yet another big chunk of time spent.

Our development process was completely bogged down.  The delays in reporting, communication, and assessment caused even more problems.

That's why I was stoked when I found out about Cisco Spark partner Rollbar.

Rollbar logo.png

Rollbar allows for instrumentation of code, and all the major languages like Java, Ruby, Node.js, DotNET, etc. that monitor the system.  When an error or warning triggers, it takes action.  What's the Cisco Spark tie-in?  Rollbar integrates with Cisco Spark to provide real time communication when an issue occurs.

Rollbar image 1.png

Now, in real time, as a developer, you can be directly connected with the code.  With Rollbar, when an error pops up, your team gets instant messages and you can immediately look into and investigate the code with a single click to understand what the problem(s) is/are.

Rollbar image 2.png

You're no longer waiting weeks for someone else to let you know about problems.  You're no longer spending a lot of time looking back at tons of logs.  As an additional benefit, with Rollbar's integration with Spark, you're also tied into your development group, leveraging Cisco Spark collaboration tools to help address issues.

Rollbar image 3video.png

Send Rollbar Error Alerts to Cisco Spark

The integration with Spark gets even better. Rollbar, like Cisco, believes that security and compliance are critical components to their software story - so there's great philosophical alignment with our Cisco collaboration team.  Log/error data can contain sensitive information, which Rollbar has architected key features for to protect it.  Rollbar is also compliant with HIPAA and ISO27001.

Bottom line-with Cisco, Rollbar helps you develop and roll out better software faster, without compromising on security.

So if you're a Spark developer, check out Rollbar.  It'll be time well-spent.

- Frank Geck, Cisco Spark Solution Partners Business Development Manager

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