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Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Demo - Webex Video device Virtual Lamp integration



Show how easy it is to create a virtual lamp and integrate it with a Webex Video device or bot. 

​​​​​​​Create your own lamp using the virtual lamp bot make it create a custom Postman collection, xAPI macro or Bot code. 
The main idea behind this is that you could replace the virtual lamp with any other device or process.
You can use Webex video devices or bots to control anything, anywhere.


Demo Features

  • Create a virtual lamp
  • Have the bot create custom Webex Video Macro and a Postman collection.
  • Use the postman collection to control your virtual lamp
  • Use the macro to control the lamp via your video device
  • Use the bot to control the virtual lamp

Verticals/Use Cases

  • Any

Experience it yourself!

Talk to the bot to create your own virtual lamp
​​​​​​​Try it Now by talking to

See the code behind it all!

Talk to the virtual lamp bot to get your custom made Postman Collection, Webex Video Macro or Python Bot code. Code templates are on Github.

ALL Webex development RESOURCES: on this community !
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