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How Cisco IT uses Spark and Redbooth


One of the most exciting integrations to come to Cisco Spark is from task management company, Redbooth. So when we heard that our very own Cisco IT had been using Redbooth for years, we had to find out more! Prior to Spark and Redbooth, they were using email and spreadsheets to manage their work over three global locations and it was such a drag. We sat down with Jeff Lawless from Cisco IT and went over the implementations he and his team started using instead.

What became clear is that Spark fills the gaps of bringing different tools together. With the Redbooth integration, Jeff demonstrated that he could create a new task by sending a message in Spark and it would automatically show up on his Redbooth board where he or his team could edit or update it at will. He also demonstrated how the Cisco IT team used the integration to notify them immediately in Spark when a new escalation had been created.

Redbooth also sends an email to the user whenever a task has been created or modified for them. The plan for Cisco IT is to set up an email address that can create tasks using natural language. That way, someone who just wants to use email for all their collaboration can do so, and those emails will be translated into tasks in Redbooth and Redbooth will send notifications to Spark. The email person can use their email and the Spark person can stay in Spark and they’ll both be in sync.

The web forms that Redbooth provides will also be a huge help to the Cisco IT team as soon as they have a proper way to implement them into their current issue reporting structure. People can use the web forms to report an issue and that issue will turn into a task which will send a notification to Spark and relevant email addresses. Redbooth + Spark pulls everything together!

There are a million ways to utilize the Spark and Redbooth integration, and it’s good to see Cisco IT taking full advantage of this system! Imagine how much more you could get done with Spark and Redbooth! Redbooth excels at managing tasks and work, Spark is great at team and company communications. Together, they provide a single solution for corporate collaboration and communication.

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