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Managing Hybrid Services Licenses

Cisco Employee

Managing Cisco Spark Hybrid Services licenses is about to get easier with the Spark API. Organization Administrators will soon have the ability to list Hybrid Services licenses for an organization and use them to enable or disable services for users via the Spark API.

The Licenses and People APIs make it easy to programmatically update people to add and remove various Spark licenses. With the addition of Hybrid Services licenses, administrators can quickly identify users who have these services enabled or disabled. License changes for a user can be made with a simple PUT request containing a list of licenses which should be enabled for the user.

For more information about how to manage Hybrid Services licenses with users, see this guide in our developer documentation. We focus on providing you the best features and experience. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at or join the DevSupport Spark space. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated.

- Brian Bender, Technical Leader

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