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QWASI Makes Marketing Loyalty Programs Better with Collaboration

Cisco Employee

You’re standing outside waiting for a bus on a cold day.  You don’t really *need* a coffee because it’s mid-morning and you’ve already had two cups.  But what if your favorite coffee shop around the corner reached out at that moment with a text offer to stop by for a half-priced latte?  The tune changes a bit.

With mobile collaboration services and next-gen customer loyalty platforms like QWASIs, brands can target customers with offers at the right time, with the right message.

The example above is just one of countless possibilities of how SMS or voice-based offers can transform business opportunities for brands looking to deepen the engagement with existing customers. QWASI uses Tropo APIs to enable users of its loyalty platform to program communications into loyalty marketing campaign flows.  This makes it easy for QWASI users to setup compelling marketing offers at the right moment based on intelligence provided by the QWASI platform.

Learn more about QWASI and how they're working with Cisco to enhance their offering with embedded collaboration services:

Set it and forget it, right?

Not so fast.  What QWASI is doing with Cisco Collaboration APIs goes beyond just programming basic communications into their platform.  By utilizing additional Tropo features and integrating with the Cisco Spark platform, QWASI is giving marketeers the ability to take the engagement a few steps further:

  • QWASI uses Tropo number provisioning so users can quickly provision local numbers for campaigns helping boost trust and increase conversions.
  • With a Cisco Spark integration, QWASI enables customer-to-enterprise communications.  A simple “reply” by a customer from a text-based offer can trigger a dialogue with an agent on the brand side working in a Cisco Spark room.  This means that the end customer can stay on her device and messaging app of choice, and the brand ambassador can respond right from his enterprise messaging service, Cisco Spark.
  • Additionally, QWASI uses Tropo’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities so that users who respond to an offer with a phone call can initially interact with a set of automated features, such as surveys and voice-activated info requests, before being routed to an agent if necessary.

Watch more of QWASIs integrations in this video, hosted by a QWASI product expert:

These capabilities, used independently or in tandem, puts more intelligence into customer outreach. Now, brands from all industries – not just retail and hospitality – can automate offers at the right time with the right message AND give the customer the flexibility to engage about the offer in a way that suits them.  This saves time and money, and makes the customer happier.  Putting the customer first: who woulda thunk!?

What are some ways you’d use Cisco Spark and Tropo APIs in your products?  We think the possibilities are nearly endless.  We’re interested in finding out!

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