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Sreekanth Narayanan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Imagine a scenario where you belong to an organization which has about 100 branch sites. At each of these sites, there is a router which behaves as a gateway for calls going out of that particular branch site.

All of these 100 routers are Cisco2821.

The management then calls for an overhaul of the infrastructure, and wants to deploy Cisco3825 gateways in place of the 2821s.

How would you migrate the MGCP/H.323 configuration (including PRI and module slot configuration) from the earlier 2821 models to the new 3825 models?


The major hurdle here is the fact that there is no common database for the configuration of MGCP/H.323 gateways in call manager across different router models.

Therefore, the exported configuration of a 2821 router can only be directly imported as a 2821 router. The model number cannot change. This procedure is not the normal Export, Change and Import.

The only options present in BAT for gateway templates and the like is for VG204s and VG224s.

How then, are we supposed to migrate the configuration from one model to another?


  1. Export your entire gateway configurations to an excel file. You will use this later.
  2. Create a 3825 gateway as a test, and configure its module slots with  the required entries for the T1E1 PRI. You will need to create this  gateway and cannot change the ‘Cisco 2821’ gateway type to ‘Cisco 3825’  by just renaming.
  3. Also, configure the T1E1 ports as needed.
  4. Export this configuration using BAT to a CSV file.
  5. In the CSV file, you will see the Gateway name, the slot configuration, and the PRI configuration as 3 separate sections.


   6. Copy the entries and add to the sections, the new gateways that you  would like to import into the call manager. This   is the information  from the older gateways that you exported in step 1. Make any  modifications necessary in terms of the slot configurations, device pool  and other settings.


   7. Once this is done, save the excel file with the same name as it was exported.

   8. Open this csv file in Notepad++. You will see a lot of extra commas in the file. Remove all the excess commas, and save the file. This is an important step. Without this, the import will fail.



   9. Upload  the file to the call manager using BAT -> Upload/Download files.  Then navigate to BAT -> Import/Export. Choose this uploaded file, and  import. Also click Overwrite any settings.

10. Check under BAT -> Job Scheduler for the job to be complete.

11. Check under Device -> Gateway and see if the new gateways are added.


Hi Sreekanth,

This works perfectly ! Excellent document.



Sreekanth Narayanan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Thanks Lavanya. Glad you were able to find it helpful!


Great work...However I wanted to add that I dont see the need to open the file in notepadd ++, I believe you can just create a tar file with the header used to export the config and inport the config back. I have used this procedure to add VG224 and VG248 in the past and it works very well..

Sreekanth Narayanan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Amos, thanks for your input. I had originally tried to import the file back the way it originally was. However, this did not achieve the desired results. The gateways did not import correctly and didn't show up under Devices. It was only after concerning developers for BAT, I was informed that the step of removing the commas has to be done, else it doesn't work.


Hellow Sreekanth,

I was following the steps and got stuck in one place.

Q1. You have mentioned to delete extra commas from the file. does that include the extra commas in every line or just line number 5,12 and 17 as per your example screenshot.


How can you upload .tar files.. Its letting me upload only .txt or .csv files...

Aman Soi

Good piece of DOC[+5].




Sreekanth Narayanan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Remove the commas on all the lines. Not only those 3 lines.



Excellent article Sreekanth, I've referenced many times as bulk gateway modification isn't a normal day to day task.  I wanted to share my experience with the community in case it could help someone in the future.  Removing the commas (referenced in step 8) was necessary for the 8.6 BAT Import/Export utility but after upgrading to 11.5 removing the commas results in a failure.  A straight export/modify csv/tar/import now works as expected in my testing for 11.5.


Tested Versions:

CUCM (remove extra commas in editor of choice)

CUCM csv/tar/import)


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