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Administration Client Access UCCE 11.5

Amer rajai Sha'er
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Rising star

Hello All,


I have a customer who heavily uses administration client for agent creation and reskilling, and this client is installed on a VM that the supervisors access it remotly, as the contact center is growing and there is now multiple teams they require access to it as well, i wanna know is it possible that multiple users connect remotly to the same client using different users or i have to create mutiple VM's?


Any Help is appriciated or even another ideas are welcome.



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Chintan Gajjar

Hi Amer,

Though the AW does not support concurrent RDP sessions, we are successfully doing that. we have bunch of users tier2/tier3 utilizing the handful of AW/distributors for config changes without any issues.

Howerer, there is also possibility of distributing pre-built VMs of Client AWs to the supervisors and they can run this client AW VM using free tool like VM player and login using thier own credentials to access the AW tools. I dont recall exactly but we had done this and this requires to change the SID i guess.

and if these supervisors are in same domian as UCCE then the other option would be to directly install the client AW on thier systems.




Hello Chintan,


My problem is exactly as you described, the supervisors are in a different domain than the IPCC domain so installing the client on their machine is not an option.


It is good to know that concurrent sessions didnt make a problem for you, however, for the good of my self i will tell the customer that it will work but not supported, so it is up to them either to try it this way or try to give us some resources to build mutiple VM's


Thanks for the feedback.



Are you sure that you had two different users RDPed to the same system both using the same application (say Script Editor for instance) at the same time? Or that you had two users connected to the same system but they are using different applications (i.e. one is using Script Editor and the other is using Configuration Manager)?

Are you asking me? if yes, then yeah we have instances when multiple user using the same application either config manager or script editor from at same with different user ids.

now i really havent gone into the depth where i inquire people about if they are doing the change at the same time on same object. But even if they do that i think since the nature of the ICM system it will accept the first change which reaches to the dbAgent and rejects the later one.


EDIT: I just replied from my other old account, but you can co-relate from my above post.

That's interesting, I've had times when multiple people could RDP to the same box, but both couldn't have (for instance) Config Manager open at the same time. If the second person tried to open the application nothing would happen. They would have to kill the process for Config Manager that the other person was done using but hadn't closed out before they could use it for instance. I will have to try it to see if that's something that has changed in recent versions.

In 10.5 it was not supported and it did not work without some work abounds, in 11.0 and above I believe it is not supported but it does work.

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