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Where can I get details about the time of day an agent changes states? I can get the State Summaries in one of the reports, but not the details on Times the agent went out of Ready state, then back in. Didn't find any indicator in the CTI logs on the local PC, either. Anybody found this?

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The Agent State Logs in the CAD (under File->View) displays a record of all ICD server state transitions for the current day. The log is in chronological order, and includes:

Field Description

Agent State The agent state that you have entered.

Start Time The time of the agent state transition.

Agent ID Your agent ID.

Reason Code Any reason code you entered, if you log out or the agent state you enter is Not Ready.

For more details, please refer the Cisco Agent Desktop User Guide.

Hope it helps.



Thanks, that helps. However, is there a way to get this information from the server? Or, alternately, do you know the file location on the PC, which I could retrieve over the WAN and then process locally?

The situation is that calls in certain queues are not being answered in a timely manner, and certain upper management is blaming the technology, whereas it's clear that the $8/hour people are simply not doing their job. In order to 'defend' your phone system, I have to reconstruct what is happening (such as the only logged-in Operator sitting in 'Not Ready' status for 10 minutes for no good reason.) Sorry to have to ask for such a stupid reason, but that's how it goes sometimes . . .



The Cisco Supervisor Desktop Application is used to monitor the agent activity and skill group statistics

The CSD is the portion of the Cisco Desktop Product Suite that resides on the supervisor’s desktop.

With Supervisor Desktop, you are able to:

■ Monitor agent call activity in real time

■ View agent and skill group statistics

■ Listen in on agent phone calls

■ Barge in” on calls (join an agent’s conversation)

■ Intercept” calls (disconnect an agent from a call and take it over)

■ Record and archive agent phone calls

■ Use instant messaging to communicate with any and all agents on your team

■ Send scrolling marquee messages to all agents on your team to broadcast important news

Supervisor Desktop Versions

Supervisor Desktop is available in three versions:

Standard Supervisor Desktop. This version does not include the Voice Monitoring, Recording, Barge-In, or Intercept functionality. It is available with or

without Media Termination.

Enhanced Supervisor Desktop. This version includes Voice Monitoring, Recording, Barge-In, and Intercept functionality. It is available with or without

Media Termination.

Remote Supervisor Desktop. This version enables you to monitor agents outside of the local contact center (Voice Monitoring) but is does not allow you to intervene in any way. It does not include Recording, Barge-In, or Intercept. It does

not allow you to change agent states. It is not available with Media Termination.

For more info, please refer the below URL



OK, but none of that addresses my issue. Perhaps you intended to respond to some other thread.

I scrupulously searched Supervisor Desktop prior to posting the above, and have not been able to find the items that I need, namely, the "Agent State Logs", viewable on the AGENT's (but apparently not the Supervisor's) desktop in the "Agent Transition Log Viewer."

Is there just no other way to see that log other than from the individual agent's CAD?



Take a look at the Resource IP ICD stats from the

Real time report and see if this meets your requirement. This provides the Agent current state and duration in that state. RTR stats are in memory, not in Database.




As per the Supervisor Desktop User Guide...

"Data View Pane

The Data View pane displays different information depending on what you select in the Team View pane:

If you select a particular agent, that agent’s agent statistics are displayed."

The agent statistic details that can be viewed in Supervisor desktop are listed in the Supervisor Desktop Guide. - Pg.No:12.

But you cannot view the entire Agent Stat Logs in Supervisor desktop in IPCC Express 3.x. Please touch base with product management team( if the same is available for 4.x.



Thanks for the info. Also, the comment from Venkat about it being stored in memory and not a DB seems to explain why it's not available 'anywhere'. Hopefully it will be available in a future release. Storing such things in real time would seem to also eliminate the problem of having all real-time stats reset when the engine must be restarted mid-day.


As I mentioned earlier, the RTR stats are in memory, not DB. There is a way to query the real time reporting using the workflow scripts. They can be queried using the Get Reporting Statistics step in scripts. The script can be written to be triggered via an http trigger and the data can be returned to their browser/app.

Info about deploying web enabled apps can be found in:

Check out the following URL, which describes about "Get Reporting Statistic" step under "General Step Description" palette

From a previous email thread,

There is no canned report to show the Agent state transitions, but they are stored in the database. For now, users can build a custom report based on the data stored in the AgentStateDetail table.

In 4.0, there will be a historical report to show the detailed agent state transitions.

You can use any reporting tool that interfaces with SQL database to create and view reports. The one we use is Crystal Report 8.5.

You may find the following links useful for IPCC Express Historical Reporting(HR):

Understanding HR

Cisco CRA HR User Guide

Cisco CRA Database Schema

Creating custom reports:

If you want know about the roadmap details, please get in touch base with product management group <>

Hope that helps.



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