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Agent Recent State Trace Tables

Hello there,


Kindly, I need to know from which tables I can get the agent's recent state trace history, this report is also shown at finesse agent desktop under My History, I have attached the screenshot for more detail. I have found one table Agent_Sate_Trace, please confirm whether this table is related or not? or what other table I need to check also. 


Please note that we have to show this history on our custom application integrated with finesse.



Muhammad Arslan

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Gerry O'Rourke

Hi Muhammad,


It is the correct table - but you have to enable an agent for agent state trace.

And you can only have 100 concurrent agents enabled for this.


If you needed this for all agents - a custom gadget (could be hidden) to push the agent state changes to a custom database would be required.


Agent State Trace

You can set Agent State Trace to track every state (available, talking, and so on) that an agent passes through. To turn on this feature for an agent, in the Agent Explorer, on the Advanced tab, check the Agent State Trace check box.




When you enable Agent State Trace, the system tracks every state change for each agent you select. This puts an added load on system software resources, such as network bandwidth and database space, and can impact system performance. You may only track up to 100 agents with Agent State Trace at any one time. You should also take the added load into account when planning your system capacity.

When you check the Enable agent reporting check box, configure the Agent distribution entries in the PG Explorer tool, and check the Agent State Trace check box, the Agent_State_Trace table in the database is populated.




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