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Auto generated message playing during script



I created a new application in CCX and reused a script from another application for the call flow. My problem is that in the new one I created, it's using the computer voice of "Please hold, your call is important to us", along with our custom recorded messages.


I've looked around, but I can't seem to find where I can disable that computer voice from playing. I'm hoping someone here can tell me.


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That "Please hold, your call is important to us" is coming from a prompt in your script.

Use the script editor and run a reactive debug and see what prompt is playing that you do not want.

If you do not know how to use the script editor and debug you could play prompts back from the web gui to determine which is the prompt in question and edit it.  Just remember that the prompt directory and file name needs to match the script for it to work.

You would need to remove that prompt from the script.  If you only want to remove part of the prompt, download it and use an application like Audacity to edit the prompt then upload back into the appropriate prompt directory.

I'll look into debugging the script in the CCX editor.

In the web however, the prompts that are listed in the application that are tied to a parameter in the script do not contain that voice. Also the application that I copied and used the same script and prompts do no use that voice anywhere which I why i'm a bit confused. It is enabled for the new application/script somewhere, but not the one I copied. 

Thanks for mentioning the active debug, I didn't know that was a feature, and it's very helpful.

The message is being played in the section of the script that says:

Call Hold (--Triggering Contact--)
Delay int_wait_time sec

Call Unhold (--Triggering Contact--)

The message is playing while it sits on the delay spot. After it moves off the delay spot it then plays our messages where prompted further down in the script.




Just a quick update.

It is actually is playing on all the ACD lines now, I was told it was just the one. I'm guessing this means that the MOH audio file that it is playing must have been modified at some point. 

Where do I check that audio file?


Would suggest to create a new test line and check 

also try to put script on monitor and see at what stage MOH getting invoked? why not check logs for a call and see what all audio file played for a call and varify one after one ?


Cheers !

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