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Call Studio 8.5-10.5 Migration-File Date Change Problem

Level 4
Level 4

We are upgrading from CVP 8.5 to CVP 10.5.

I export application from Call Studio 8.5, import it in Call Studio 10.5. The application is valid on Call Studio 10.5, This is T1 time. I try to add a new audio element to the Main Page, save, then, delete the element previously added, save, as a result i did nothing, this is T2 time. Then i compare the applications on T1 time and T2 time. And see that lots of files’ dates changed, not only in the Main page but also in the other pages. This is a serious problem for us while working with source code management, when we compare the codes with the source code, we see lots of changes but they are not real changes, only dates of files are changed, so we loose the control on the application. In my biggest application this changes are about 220 in the case i do nothing (putting an audio and undo). We are working on Win 8.1 OS.We are working on Win 8.1 OS.

So why are these files dates changing?  Is there anyone experienced this problem?

PS: The application on 8.5 had some elements and Page Entries with the same name and because of this is a problem on new version 10.5, before exporting the application from 8.5, i renamed all conflicts and made the application valid.



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Level 4
Level 4

This problem is fixed with a patch by Cisco.


there is an ES or patch available for it now and customers /partners can seek help from TAC.

Defect : CSCus84362
Call Studio 10.5 Deploy Application Failure