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Cisco CVP Standalone Outbound

Muhammed Ashiq



We are trying to implement Cisco CVP Standalone Outbound as described by Engineer Mr.Paul Tindal.


Below are the setup we are using,

Cisco PCCE 12.0

Cisco CVP 12.0

Cisco VVB 12.0

Voice Gateway 29XX


Did anyone implemented this setup.Need help in VVB Configuartion.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There's not really much to do differently on the VVB.


  • Start with the original non-VVB materials on Devnet CVP samples to understand how it works and for a quick-start outbound DB based dialing list if you need it. 
  • Then read and follow the specific notes at for using the VVB edition.
  • Add the VVB compatible version of the MakeCall custom element to CVP Studio and run-time.
  • Build and deploy your outbound test Studio app that uses the MakeCall element.
  • Configure the inbound trigger DN on VVB admin to map to the CVP Standalone application you just deployed.
  • Start the outbound app on the gateway/CUBE as normal.
  • Use "deb voip appl script" for diagnostics.



Dear Paul,


thanks for the response,we have followed the steps .Unable to start Outbound dialing.


We are getting following from the Voice gateway,

May 13 09:55:09.869: //-1//TCL :EE3F4BC6B0000:/tcl_PutsObjCmd: ******* CVP_OUTBOUND: started poll timer

May 13 09:55:24.869: //-1//TCL :EE3F4BC6B0000:/tcl_PutsObjCmd: ******* CVP_OUTBOUND: making call to poll CVP VXML application at <7788000>

May 13 09:55:24.913: //-1//TCL :EE3F4BC6B0000:/tcl_PutsObjCmd: ******* CVP_OUTBOUND: call to poll CVP VXML outbound application established

May 13 09:57:25.078: //-1//TCL :EE3F4BC6B0000:/tcl_PutsObjCmd: ******* CVP_OUTBOUND: poll call to CVP VXML application disconnected, status di_016


From the VXML application activity logs,

Makecall_01,element,error,error.unsupported.objectname: service=cvp_obcallreq.




That is either the non-VVB MakeCall element you're using or the correct VVB compatible one that hasn't identified the browser type.   Post the activity log up to and including the MakeCall.

Muhammed Ashiq