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Cisco Finesse/CUIC/CM with Red Hat

Muhammed Ashiq



Infra team indicating that Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS version 6 is in end of support and  all cisco applications like Finesse,CUIC,LDS,CUCM running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit) and is upgrading to RHEL 7 or 8  supported ?


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Are you asking is it possible to upgrade the OS of the system like UCM (or any of the other systems) without upgrading the UCM software itself or something?



We are using UCCE 11.6 and UCM 11.5. Is it possible to upgrade only the OS ?

Or what is the Compactable version of UCM which support RHEL version 7/8 ? 

No that’s is not possible. These systems run on a hardened variant of the underlying Linux system as an appliance type of system. As such you do not have access to the actual OS on the system.

From version 12 and upwards the CVOS os is based on CentOS.

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It is as @Roger Kallberg said, you can't upgrade it independently. Here's a chart on slide 48 in case it helps you that also goes into it in some detail.

@Muhammed Ashiq not possible as @Roger Kallberg @bill.king1  answered. only possibility is to upgrade the Cisco product onto latest version to get the RHEL platform upgraded.



Ritesh Desai.

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Ritesh Desai
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