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Context Service - Custom field on Customer objects in UCCX?


Hello DevNet,

We're finally starting to leverage the Context Service for some of our UCCX customer, but at first glance we're finding that it seems to be very limited in terms of data available to the agents in the Finesse application.


In particular, a customer we're currently working with does a lot of wholesale business, and we'd like to add a "Company" field to the Customer object, which seems straightforward enough via the SDK, but not via Finesse.


Is there any ability to add a custom field to the Customer object in the Finesse application itself?  Or is this limited to the SDK at this point in time?


UCCX version is 11.6(2), although I don't believe the Context Service cares about the UCCX version really.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Adding on to this a little bit.  The Context Service seems like it SHOULD be extensible, with the field/fieldset configuration.  But actually using those values in Finesse seems poorly documented (or I'm missing where the documentation is). 


As an example, I'd love to have the ability to flag a Customer as a "VIP" and use that to increase the call priority in a UCCX script.  However, without being able to expose that field to Finesse, there's no apparent way for it to be set.  


Is this type of extensibility even possible with Finesse/UCCX/Context Service in its current state?

I'll start by saying I've never used context service, nor known anyone else to use it. However, at the root of the problem you're getting at having some call data and wanting that to be presented to the agent. You can do that within the call variables which require zero customization.





I see you said you haven't used CS, and well, neither have I; however, looking at the below screenshot, it's possible that the OP is talking about the CS data fields which show in the Finesse CS Gagdet (#2), and not the Call Variable Layout (#1).  They do seem to share data field/values, but that's not 100%, nor is it required that they do either.  Keep in mind that in the journey list (the historical interactions) the values will certainly show differently, whereas the Call Variable Layout is for the current call only.



Yeah, we're well aware of the caller data display.  CS information is displayed there only if the script and layout is configured to do so.


To follow up on this a bit for anybody else who may run across this, dynamic Finesse CS gadget fields are not currently able to be manipulated by the end user or partner.  


I've made some progress by reaching out to with the customer name and the custom fieldset information.  They were able to modify the gadget so that the custom fieldset is available when a new customer is added, but they are still not available in the edit functionality.  Once that's complete, i'd consider our problem solved.


While it would be nice to be able to do this without involving anybody at Cisco, there is at least an apparent solution.


Once these fields are exposed, they can be used in a script.

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