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Courtesy Call Back VXML doesn't hang call up

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Level 1

Does anyone know what is wrong and/or why when we have implemented Courtesy Call Back it will pass all the validation tests and sends it to the CallBackEngine on the VXML application and in there on Intercept Caller Hang Up I get and error.  However, there is no extra logging to see what the error might be.  I literally get:

CallbackEngine,04/18/2019 14:18:25.716,Intercept caller hangup,enter,
CallbackEngine,04/18/2019 14:18:27.731,Intercept caller hangup,custom,result,error
CallbackEngine,04/18/2019 14:18:27.731,Intercept caller hangup,data,result,error
CallbackEngine,04/18/2019 14:18:27.731,Intercept caller hangup,exit,error

Then on the caller's end it just plays dead air until I hit the default timeout on the VxmlGateway.  I know something isn't talking back to the vxmlgateway but I don't know what. Any help would be great!

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This may sound basic, but double check your voice ingress and voice VXML gateway configurations. For instance, is the survivability service configured correctly, did you call it so that it is active, is the VXML .TCL script deployed and called, etc.?

Hey thanks for the reply!


But actually after going through the debug logs on our ingress gateway turns out our provider was rejecting our SIP INFO message.  So whomever reads this and has the same problem make sure your service provider can accept SIP INFO messages.

Hi PaulMil,


How did you discover that the Sp was rejecting the SIP INFO Messages and what was the workaround.


I am having the same issue where the Courtesy Call Back VXML doesn't hang call up.



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